Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Fruit Aphids Aphis pomi, Dysaphis spp., Myzus persica, Hyalopterus pruni, Pterocloroides 100 ml/100 lt. adult-Nimf 7 day
Pear Tiger Stephanitis pyri 80 ml/100 lt. adult-Nimf 7 day
Apple Cotton Bit Eriosoma lanigerum 100 ml/100 lt. adult-Nimf 7 day
Sapling Bottom Wolves Capnodis spp. 200 ml/100 7 day
Yellow Tree Wolf Zeuzera pyrina 150 ml/100 lt. Larva 7 day
Peach Peach Comma Shelled Bit Coccomytilus halli 150 ml/100 lt. Larva 7 day
Olive Olive Flower Sap Street Calocoris trivialis 150 ml/100 lt. Nimf 21 day
Olive Moth Prays oleae 100 ml / 100 lt. Larva Leaf and Flower Pot - 150 ml / 100 lt.Larva Fruit Pot 21 day
Olive Swallow Beetle Hysteropterum grylloides 150 ml/100 lt. Nimf 21 day
Olive Worm Coenorrhinus cribripennis 150 ml/100 lt. adult 21 day
Olive Cotton Lice Euphyllura olivina 150 ml/100 lt. Nimf - adult 21 day
Olive Fly Dacus oleae 100 ml/100 lt. Larva-adult 21 day
Pistachio Şıralı Zenk Idiocerus stali 150 ml/100 lt. adult-nimf 7 day
Leaf Blade Agınıscena sunscicta 150 ml/100 lt. Nimf-adult 7 day
Pistachio Inner Moth Recurvaria pistaciicola 150 ml/100 lt. Larva 7 day
Pistachio eye dry Thaumatopoea soliteria 150 ml/100 lt. Larva 7 day
Fruit Dishworm Megastigmus pistaciae 150 ml/100 lt. water adult 7 day
Cotton Leaf Flea Empoasca decipiensis 100 ml/da adult-Nimf -
Plant Board Dry Exolygus gamellatus 100 ml/da adult-Nimf -
Cotton Leaf Lice Aphis gossypii 100 ml/da Larva -
Sesame Sesame Moth Antigastra catalaunalis 100 ml / da Larva -
Ornamental Plants Aphids Aphididae 75 ml/100 -
rose Rose Scion Burgundy Ardis brunniventris 100 ml/100 -
Oil Rose Leaf Lice Macrosiphum rosae 75 ml/100 -In budless roses -
Poplar Small Poplar Goat Beetle Saperda populnea 200 ml/100 lt. adult-Larva -
Glayöl Onion Mite Rhizoglyphus echinopus 100 ml100 lt. adult-Larva (Onions dipped) -
Sugar beet Leaf Lice Aphis fabae 100 ml/da Nimf-adult -

HOW TO USE: It can be applied with all kinds of spraying tools from air and ground Care should be taken to treat the under leaves as well.

MIXABLE CONDITION: Safegor 40 EC can be mixed with fungicides and insecticides of neutral and slightly acid character. It should not be mixed with burgundy slurry and alkaline medicines.