Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Hazelnut Hazelnut Worm Balaninus nucum

100 g / da - 50 g / 100 L. water Adult

90 day
Hazelnut Skunk Palomena prasina

150 g / 100 L. water Nimf - Adult

Prairie Caterpillar Lymantria dispar

150 g / da – 75 g / 100 L. water Larva

Alder Beetle Agelastica alni

150 g / da – 75 g / 100 L. water Larva - Adult

Hazelnut Goat Beetle Obera linearis

150 g / da – 75 g / 100 L. water Adult

Clove Flower Thripsi Frankliniella intonsa 100 g / 100 L. water, Nimf,Adult -
Sugar beet Subsoil Pests Collembola spp., Blaniulus spp. , Agroites spp. 900 g / 100 kg seed -

Preparation and Use of the Medicine

After the required amount of the drug is slurried in a small amount of water, then the required amount of water is added and mixed. Since Message WP 50l is not systemic, all parts of the plant must be treated very well. Spraying should be done in windless, cool and calm times.

In sensitive fruit varieties, like all other carbamate compounded drugs, it can cause fruit dilution. In this regard, trees should not be applied while in the flower circuit.

Miscibility Status

Message WP 50 can be mixed with all insecticides and fungicides. However, mixtures made with alkaline reaction drugs should not be used immediately.