Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose

Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting


Pear Psillidi Cacopysilla pyri 25 ml + 50 ml spreading adhesive / 100 L. water 14 day
Apple * Apple Inside Sheep Cydia pomonella 20 ml /100 L. water 14 day

Pear Leaf Gallery Moth

Leucoptera scitella 20 ml / 100L. water 14 day
Apple Networm Yponemeuta malinellus 20 ml / 100 L water 14 day


Leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 ml/da 14 day

* There is no need to apply spraying against the Gallery Moth in the gardens where there is a fight against the Apple Inner Wolf.

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE FOR APPLICATION: The sprayer tool tank is half filled with water. The required medicine is first diluted with a little water in a separate container. This mixture is put into the half-filled tank of the tool. Then, mixing system is run and the tank is filled with water. Spraying should be done in calm weather without wind.


In the Apple Innerworm Struggle: Controls and counts in sexually appealing traps are taken into account in each fertilization to start spraying. Spraying is started in the light of butterfly flights, biology of the pest, phenological condition of the trees and information received from publishing institutions. In Apple Networm Struggle: Single spraying is done when apple networm larvae leave the leaf epidermis and start to knit their first nets. 2. and 3. spraying is continued according to the population density.

In Pear Psychic Struggle: In the controls that started to be carried out since the beginning of April, the only spraying done when almost all the eggs left by the wintering adult adults open and 2 and 3 year old nymphs begin to be seen.

In Cotton Leafworm Struggle: Spraying should be started when 0.5 larvae per plant or 2 egg packs or 25 new plants are seen in 25 plants. Spraying should be done when the larvae have just hatched, that is, before the stove is dispersed.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be used with other pesticides in the same formulation in general. It is recommended to make preliminary mixture tests before making a large amount of mixture for spraying.