Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Cotton Leaf Lice Aphis gossypii 10 g./da (Nimf-adult) ---
White fly Bemisia tabaci 40 g./da (Larva, Pupa, ) ---
Leaf Flea Empoasca spp. 10 g./da (Nimf-Adult) ---
Potato Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata 6 g./da (Larva-Adult) 7 day
Tomato (Field) White fly Bemisia tabaci 30 g./da (Larva-Adult) 3 day
Tomato (Greenhouse) White fly Bemisia tabaci 30 g./ 100 L. water (Larva-Adult 3 day
Tobacco Peach Aphid Myzus persicae 10 g./da (Nimf-Adult) 10 day
pistachios Leafpsillası Agonoscena targionii 20 g./ 100 L. water (Adult-Nimf 7 day
Apple Green Aphid Aphis pomi 20 g./ 100 L. water (Adult-Nimf) 14 day
Watermelon Peach aphid (Myzus persicae) 25 g/da (Adult-Nimf) 7 day
Pepper (Greenhouse) Peach aphid (Myzus persicae) 25 g/100 L water (Adult-Nimf) 3 day
Eggplant (Greenhouse) White fly (Bemisia tabaci) 30 g/100 L water (Larva-Adult) 1 day
Pomegranate Aphid (Aphis punicae) 20 g./ 100 L. water (Adult-Nimf) 14 day

FEATURES: Mosetam 20 SP is a systemically effective drug. It passes into the plant body shortly after spraying and retains its effect for 14 to 21 days.


Potato Beetle in Potato: For sampling, by entering the field in the direction of its diagonal, the pest's eggs, larvae and adults are sought. The fact that the pest is encountered at any time indicates that the field is contaminated.

If spraying is done against the first generation, it should be done when the first mature larvae (fourth period) are seen in the plants. In case of spraying against the second period, the egg opening should be completed. In this period too, spraying may not be required as the damage due to insect density can be tolerated by the plant.

Tomato, White Fly in Eggplant: It is entered in the field in terms of diagonals, which is found to be contaminated with white fly. In every 5 steps, 50 leaves are collected from the lower, middle and upper leaves. Chemical combat is applied when there are 5 larvae-pupae per leaf.

Apple Green Leaf Lice: Spraying should be done in 15 out of 100 shoots during the vegetation period.

Peach Leaf Lice in Watermelon: For the purpose of determining the application time, starting from April, entering the field in the direction of diagonals, one leaf is cut in 3-5 steps, one by one from the fresh leaves and shoots of the plants. If the number of pests per leaf is 10-20, it is necessary to start fighting.

Peach Leaf Bit in Pepper (greenhouse): If the number of pests per leaf is 10-20 in the controls made for determining the time of spraying, it is necessary to start the fight.

Narda Leaf Louse: After the buds burst, an average of 10 shoots per tree is dishwashed.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be applied by mixing with other insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers, except for the drugs with alkaline properties.