Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting


Leaf gallery flies Lriomyza spp. 20 g / 100 L water or decare It is applied to green parts. 14 day

Tomato (Greenhouse)

Leaf Gallery Flies Liriomyza spp. 20 g / 100 L water or decare Applies to green hitch 14 day

TRIMASINE 75 WP Diptera (fly) class is a pest growth regulator with systemic properties used against the larvae of pests.

PROPERTIES OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL: TRIMMAZINE 75 WP functions by preventing the development of larva and pupae periods of flies. Although adult flies do not die, the output from the eggs they leave after taking the drug by mouth decreases. The drug applied to the green hitch penetrates the leaves. (Penetration feature)


Leaf Galleries in Beans and Tomato (greenhouse): Leaf sticky trap is hung 10-15 cm above the plant, in order to determine the output of adults. Sampling is done when adults are seen in the trap. At least 30 plants are selected in an area of ​​one decare. The lower, middle and upper leaves of these plants are collected and counted. In the census, if the larvae are detected in small leafy plants and 4 in leafy plants, 10 larvae per leaf are determined.


Field Crops Ground Spraying: Tractor sprayer, sprayer stick and nozzle back sprayer or motorized atomizers can be used. At least 20 liters of water should be used per decare, the amount of water to be used in places where the green parts are abundant should be increased to at least 50 liters per decare, and the plant should be covered well with medicated release.

Greenhouses: High volume spraying backpacks or tools consisting of hose and gun can be used. Depending on the size of the crop, 50-100 liters of water is used per decare.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be used in admixture with many standard insecticides and fungicides with neutral reaction. In case of doubt (such as sensitive varieties, new species), first check the plant endurance.