Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Time Between Final Spraying and Harvest

Tobacco whitefly

Bemisia tabaci

100 ml/da

Larva - pupa


Yellow shelled bits

(Aonidiella citrina)

65 ml/100 L. water


56 day
Red shell bit (Aonidiella auranthii)

65 ml/100 L. water

56 day

Citrus whitefly

(Dialauroes citri) 35 ml/100 L. water 56 day



Tobacco whitefly

(Bemisia tabaci)

100 ml/da

7 day

It has been determined that citrus fruits are harmless to beneficial.


Tobacco whitefly in cotton: Since it is effective on larvae and pupae, it is started when an average of 8-10 larvae is found per leaf. The second application is done 10-14 days after the first application. After 20 days, the population can be checked and the third application can be done if necessary.

Yellow and red shelled lice in citrus fruits: If the number of live adults and nymphs per leaf in citrus is more than 20 or A. auranthii per leaf of 100 leaves, application is required in these gardens. In the gardens that need to be applied, two different times can be applied against these pests in winter (starting immediately after harvest and until the end of February) and two weeks after the first active nymphs are seen in summer. Applications are continued as a control depending on the population. To get the best results from the applications, the applications should be started from the inside of the trees, then the tree should be walked around and the tree should be sprayed from bottom to top.

White flies in citrus: In the controls for the fight against white flies in citrus, the fight begins when at least three living individuals (eggs, nymphs) are seen per leaf. The first application is made when the first term nymphs are seen in nature. This period corresponds to the first half of June. The application to be made against the next 2nd semester is made as of the middle of August. Care should be taken to wet the bottom surfaces of the leaves thoroughly, especially young leaves that have recently been applied.

White fly in tomato (greenhouse): It is entered in the greenhouse in terms of diagonals, which is found to be contaminated with white fly. In every 5 steps, 50 leaves are collected from the lower, middle and upper leaves. The fight is applied when there is an average of 5 larvae-pupae per leaf.

MIXTURE: Safflaoud can be used in admixture with commonly used insecticides in cultivated plants. However, it is recommended to make preliminary mixture trials before making the mixture and if the mixture is to be made, the plant protection products should be mixed separately after reconstitution.