Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Fruit trees Peach Comma Shelled Bit Nilotaspis halli 1500 ml/100 L water
Mulberry Crust Bit Diaspis pentagona 1000 ml/100 L water
Pear Red Crust Bit Epidiaspis leperii 1000 ml/100 l.water
Sphaerolecanium prunastri 1000 ml/100 water
Comma Shellfish Lepidosaphes ulmi 1500 ml/100 L water
*vineyard Floury Bit Planococcus citri 1000 ml/100 L water
Olive Cotton Kosnil Philippia oleae 1500 ml/100 L water
Black Kosnil Saissetia olea 1500 ml/100 L water
Olive Shell Bit Parlatoria oleae 1500 ml/100 L water
Pollinia pollini 1500 ml/100 L water

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.


The drug calculated over the recommended dosage is mixed with a small amount of clean water first. Then this premix is ​​put into the tank of the tool half filled with water. While mixing, the water level is completed. Medicated product should always be mixed very well and used within a few hours. Mixing is continued until the application is completed. More medicated preparations should not be prepared than necessary. It should be applied with pressure pulverizers.

Spraying Tool Calibration: Make sure that the tool is properly calibrated before spraying. To determine the amount of medicated water to be used per decare or per tree, plants in a particular area or a certain number of trees are first wetted with water first. The amount of medicated water to be used per decare or per tree is determined by determining the spent water.


It does not mix with sulfur and captan drugs. It is recommended to the practitioner to try a pre-mixture at their own opportunity and responsibility for mixing with other drugs.