Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Apple Apple crumbs Venturia inaequalis 40 g/100 L water 28 day
Apricot Flower monillia Sclerotinia laxa 30 g/100 L water 7 day
PEAR Pear Scratch Venturia pirina 40 g/100 L water 28 day


The drug calculated for a tank over the recommended dose is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the tool is half-filled with water. Medicated water is added to the tank while the mixer of the tool is running. Continue mixing, add the remaining water to the tank. After the drug is mixed thoroughly with water, application is started. Mixing is continued until the application is completed.

Calibration: Before spraying, the nozzles of the spraying tool should be checked and cleaned, and the tool should be operated properly. Make sure the instrument is properly calibrated before spraying. To determine the amount of medicated water to be used, trees in a particular area are properly wetted only with water first. By determining the amount of water spent, the amount of medicated water to be used per tree is calculated.

Plant endurance: When used according to the recommendations, it does not have any negative effect on cultivated plants. In case of hesitation, sensitive and new plant tolerance should be checked.


Apple crumb: 1st spraying: in the circuit where the buds swell, 2nd spraying: in the pink bud circuit, 3rd spraying: 70-80% of the flower petals fall in the circuit

Apricot Flower monillia: 1. Spraying: at the beginning of flowering (5-10% flowers),

2. Spraying: at full bloom (90-100% flowers)

Pear crumb: 1. Spraying: When the flower eyes are blistering (3 to 5 days ago in the places where there are branch branches), 2. Spraying: During the white rosette, 3. Spraying: When the flower petals fall 70-80%, 4. and other spraying 12- It should be done at 14 day intervals.

MIXABLE CONDITION: Generally, it can be used in mixtures with other fungicides used in pome and stone fruit trees. If in doubt, a small miscibility test should be carried out before application. If CARPAZ 50 WG will be used as a tank mixture with other drugs, put the medicine in water in the following order:

First CARPAZ 50 WG is added and then other drugs are added. If the drugs to be used in the mixture are included in the “water-soluble packaging”, these are added first, then CARPAZ 50 WG.

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