Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Wheat Rust Diseases

Puccinia striiformis, p. recondita tritici, p. graminis tritici

125 ml/da 35 day

Septoria Leaf Stain

Septoria tritici 125 ml/da 35 day
Wheat Grain powdery mildew Ersiphe graminis f. sp. tritici 125 ml/da 35 day
Sugar beet Külleme Erisiphe beate 125 ml/da 35 day
Leaf Spot Disease Cercospora beticola 125 ml/da 35 day
Paddy Paddy Blight Pyricularia oryzae 150 ml/da 21 day


The Plant Protection Product calculated over the recommended dosage is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the application machine is half filled with water. While the mixer of the machine is running, the mixture is added to the tank. The mixing is continued and the tank is completed with water. Mixing process continues until the application is completed. Use the prepared mixture on the same day.


Wheat Rust Diseases: When symptoms of disease (pustules) are seen, application should be started. Green parts are applied against rust factors. Application should be done so that the surface of the leaves and stem is covered with the mixture. If the conditions are appropriate for the development of the disease, the second application can be made by considering the duration of the product. Application should not be performed since the plant is in the maturation period one month before the harvest.

Septoria Leaf Stain in Wheat: If the climate conditions are appropriate for the development of the disease and there is a possibility of an epidemic condition, green parts are applied. When the disease information is first seen, application is started. In general, the best time for application is before the end of the scabbard period, or before the spike out, when the flag leaf is fully opened. For an infection that climbs to the upper part of the plant in the early period, it should not be expected to remove the flag leaf. Likewise, if the field is contaminated and rainy weather continues during the spiking period, it may be necessary to apply as economic damage may occur. The second application can be made by taking into account the duration of the plant protection product.

Wheat (Grain Ashing): Application should be started when the first pustules of the disease are seen. If necessary, second application should be done.

Sugar beet Ashing: The application starts when the disease symptoms are seen and continues with a 20-day interval according to the need.

Sugar Beet Leaf Stain: When 5% of sugar beet adult leaves are seen, cercospora leaf stain is started, the first application is started.

Paddy Blight: As the green component application, the application should be done when the symptoms are first seen. If necessary, the second application can be made after 15-20 days depending on the weather conditions.

MIXTURE STATUS: It can be mixed with insecticide, fungicide and leaf fertilizers other than Plant Protection Products that have an extremely alkaline character.

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