Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting

Black stain

Venturia inaequalis 200 ml/100 l. water 3 day
Cucumber Downy mildew Pseudoperonospora cubensis 250 ml/100 l. water 3 day
Sugar beet Leaf Spot Disease Cercospora beticola 300 ml/da 3 day

Downy mildew

Phytophthora infestans 175 ml/100 l. water 3 day
apricot Leaf-piercing / Freckle Coryneum beijerinckii

200 ml / 100 l. water (normal and dormant period)

56 day

METHOD OF PREPARATION FOR APPLICATION: Before the application of the medicinal product before the application, the amount of the drug to be used is turned into a slurry with a little water in a separate container and then poured into the sprayed instrument until half of it. . The remaining amount of water is added with mixing. The prepared mixture should be used without delay.

Calibration: Make sure that the tool is properly calibrated before spraying. In order to determine the amount of medicated water to be used per decare or per tree, plants (or trees) in a particular area are properly wetted only with water. The amount of medicated water to be used per decare (or per tree) is calculated by determining the spent water.


Apple crumple: 1.When spraying flower eyes blistering, 2. In the period of spraying pink rosette bud, 3. When spraying flower petals fall 70-80%, 4. and other sprayings should be done at intervals of 10-14 days where ecological conditions are suitable for the progression of the disease.

Cucumber in cucumber: The first spraying starts when the plants start to throw arms or the first signs of disease appear in the environment. Continue spraying for 8 to 10 days.

Leaf spot disease in Sugar Beet: Spraying should be started when at least one spot is seen in 5% of adult leaves taken randomly in line with the diagonals of the field. Spraying should be continued at 10-14 day intervals.

Mildew in tomato: With the first signs of disease in the environment, application is started immediately. It is repeated at 10-12 day intervals.

Leaf Prickle in Apricot: 1. Spraying, immediately after fall fall (dormant period). 2nd spraying in the pink flower bud cycle (normal period) before the flower buds open in the spring. The third spraying should be done during the period when the leaf and male organ plate are separated into the ends of the fruit.

MIXABLE CONDITION: SAFCONIL 500 FL can be used by mixing tanks with many insecticides and fungicides in the form of WP. However, attention should be paid to the recommendations and doses on drug labels. It should not be mixed with strong alkalis like burgundy slurry. It is recommended to check the suitability of the mixture by preparing a small amount of premix. If there is decomposition or precipitation in the prepared premix, this mixture should not be used and the drugs should be applied separately. Mixtures should be applied without waiting. It is not recommended to be mixed with surfactants and leaf fertilizers and mixed with more than two pesticides.

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