Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Quince Monilya Sclerotinia linhartiana 100 ml /100 L. water 14 day
Peach Leaf curl Taphrina deformans 175 ml / 100 L. water 14 day
apple Black stain Venturia inaequalis 80 ml / 100 L. water 14 day
apricot Flower monillia in stone fruits Monilinia laxa 80 ml / 100 L. water 14 day
Pistachio Black color Pseudocercospora pistacina 100 ml /100 L. water 14 day


The plant protection product calculated over the recommended dosage is mixed with a little water in a separate container. The tank of the application machine is filled halfway with water. While the mixer of the machine is running, the mixture is added to the tank. The mixing is continued and the tank is completed with water. Mixing process continues until the application is completed. Use the prepared mixture on the same day.


Quince monilya: The mummy fruits hanging on the tree a year before the application should be collected.

1. Application: When 5% of flowers open,

2. Application: When 50% of the flowers bloom,

3. Application: It should be done in the full flowering period (when 90-100% of the flowers are opened).

Peach leaf curl: Application is made during the period when the buds begin to swell.

Flower monilya in apricot pits (Apricot)

1. Application: At the beginning of flowering (5-10% in flowers)

2. Application: In full bloom (90-100% flowers)

Apple crumbs

1. Application: When the flower is blindfolded (3-5 days before where there is a branch heat),

Application 2: In my pink rosette bud period (when flowers are seen separately)

3. Application: When 70-80% of flower petals are shed,

4. and other applications should be applied to the plant protection product used in cases where the climatic conditions are suitable for the progression of the disease, with an interval of 10 days, taking into account the duration of action.

Black Pistachio

1. Application: In the period when the applications start to open before the first infections, if the protective fungicides are to be tackled; If therapeutic fungicides are to be tackled, the fruits should be grown in chickpea size and when the leaves are fully open. In addition, therapeutic fungicides can be applied until the first symptoms appear.

2. Application and other applications: The feature of the plant protection product used is done at intervals of 15 days, taking into account the duration of effect and the rainfall.

MIXTURE: It can be used by mixing other plant protection products. It should not be mixed with metalaxyl, iprodione, copper and dinitro compounds.

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