PROPERTIES OF PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCT: DIDYMME 125 FS is a fungicide containing three broad-spectrum substances with both seed application and drip irrigation application.


Plant Name

Harmful Organism Name

Administration dose

Time Between Last Application and Harvest


Seedling root rot

(Rhizoctania solani,

Fusarium spp,

Pythium spp)

250 ml / 100 kg airless seed



Root collar rot(Aspergillus niger)

250 ml / 100 kg seed


Tomato (Greenhouse)

Soil-based pathogens

250 ml/da

10 day


Seed Application: Application containers such as flat concrete floor, plastic basin, concrete pool, metal drum can be used in seed application. The amount of DIDYMME 125 FS recommended for 100 kg of seeds is dissolved in 1-1.5 liters of water and then this mixture is homogeneously distributed over the whole seed. Mixing is done with shovels and plastic gloves or mechanical shakers.

Drip Irrigation Application: The plant protection product calculated over the recommended tank is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the tank is half filled with water, the prepared mixture is added to the tank. The mixing is continued and the tank is completed to the calculated amount of water.

Drip system calibration: For the calibration of the drip system, the flow rate is measured by running 3 nozzles from the beginning and the end for 1 minute. Deviation should not exceed 10%. The amount of water required for the plant protection product to be given per decare is determined.


Cotton Seedling root rot: The seed is sprayed before planting in the field. Application time is sowing time. Soaked cotton seeds are put in the recommended dose and amount of plant protection product application canister or selector. The application canister is turned 40-50 times until a uniform application. In the selector, it is done by adjusting the application device. 100 kg cotton seeds are moistened with 2 liters of water. Then, the recommended amount of plant protection product is mixed with moistened cotton seeds to ensure uniform adhesion.

Peanut Root rot: Seed application. The seeds are pre-moistened so that the drug can hold on the seed surface. Applications can be carried out in enterprises with professional spraying units suitable for peanut spraying, as well as by placing 100 kg of peanut seed on a plastic cover under manufacturer conditions, mixing 400 ml of medicine with 600 ml of water and spraying this 1 liter mixture on the seeds with a hand sprayer. . In order for the coating to be uniform, the seeds should be mixed gently so that the shells are not damaged. Seeds should be sown the same day after drying.

Tomato (greenhouse) Soil origin pathogens: In drip irrigation, plant protection product seedlings are given to the root area of ​​the plants after they are surprised by the greenhouse. Before the application, the root area of ​​the plants should be wetted with plain watering. After determining the amount of water required for irrigation of a decare area, the required amount of plant protection product is put into the application tank and the application is made with a drip irrigation system. After the application, a reasonable amount of time should be given to clean the plant protection product remaining in the pipes. In the drip irrigation system, water is given to the drip pipes for calibration, and the flow rate of the 3 nozzles from the top and bottom is measured. Deviation should not exceed 10%. Application should be repeated after 15 days.

Plant tolerance: When used in accordance with the recommendations, DIDYMME 125 FS is well tolerated by recommended plants.

INFORMATION ABOUT RESISTANCE: DIDYMME 125 FS plant protection product according to the mechanism of action Group C3: 11; A1: 4; It is a fungicide classified as E2: 12. Repeated applications of Plant Protection Products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. For this reason, to delay developing resistance, do not exceed total application number of DIDYMME 125 FS in the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, pay attention to the use of plant protection products with a different mechanism of action (except for Group C3: 11; A1: 4; E2: 12).

MIXTURE CONDITION: It can be used in admixture with "WS" or "FS" formulations of other neutral reaction seed medicines. Mixing with organic solvent-based formulations is not recommended.

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