Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Wheat Drive Tilletia foetida ve Tilletia caries 300 ml / 100 kg seed
smut Ustilago tritici 300 ml / 100 kg seed
Grain Seedling Blight, Root and Root Throat Rot Fusarium spp. 300 ml / 100 kg seed
Cotton Seedling Root Rot Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium spp., Pythium spp.

400 ml / 100 kg seeds (to delined cotton seeds) 500 ml / 100 kg seeds (to low-pile cotton seeds) 600 ml / 100 kg to seeds (to multi-pile cotton seeds)

Barley Closed Random Ustilago hordei 300 ml / 100 kg seed
Egypt Seed and root rot, Seedling blight

Fusarium verticillioides Fusarium moniliforme

250 ml/100 kg corn seed

METHOD OF PREPARATION FOR THE APPLICATION: In seed spraying; The recommended dosage should be used and smearing of the drug should be provided on each seed. If the spraying will be made with special equipment; Care should be taken to calibrate the equipment correctly according to the instructions for use. SUNVAX 200 FF can be mixed directly with the seed or mixed with water. However, if it is to be mixed with water, the type of seed and the form of spraying should be taken into consideration.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It is not recommended to be mixed with other drugs.

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