Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Apple Black stain Ventruia inaequalis 300 g./100 L. water 7 day
Peach Peach leaf (Freckle) Wilsonomyces carpophylus 300 g./100 L. water (1st and 2nd spraying) 7 day
Peach leaf curl Taphrina deformans 300 g./100 L. water 7 day
*vineyard Vineyard Mildew Plasmopora viticola 200 g./100 L. water 7 day
Dead Arm Phomopsis viticola 200 g./100 L. water 7 day
Tomato Tomato early leaf blight Alternaria solanı 300 g./100 L. water 7 day
Tomato mildew Phytohpthora infestans 300 g./100 L. water 7 day
Cucumber Mildew in Cucurbitaceae Pseudoperonospora cubensis 350 g./100 L. water 7 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.


The plant protection product calculated over the recommended dosage is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the application machine is half-filled with water. The mixture is added to the tank while the mixer of the machine is running. Mixing continues and the tank is completed with water. Mixing process continues until the application is completed. Use the prepared plant protection product on the same day.


Apple Pie:

1. Application: When the flower is blindfolded (3-5 days before where there is a branch heat)

2. Application: During the pink rosette bud (when the flowers are seen separately)

3. Application: When 70-80% of flower petals are shed,

4. and other applications should be applied considering the duration of action of the drugs used when the climatic conditions are suitable for the progression of the disease.

Peach Leaf (Freckle):

1. Application: In autumn, immediately after leaf fall,

2. Application: In spring, when the flower buds swell, before the flowers bloom.

Peach Leaf Curl: Application is made during the period when the buds begin to swell.

Bond Mildiyö: The first application should be started when the shoots reach 25-30 cm. The second and subsequent sprayings are applied with an interval of 10-15 days, taking into account the duration of the first drug and the development state of the disease and meteorological factors.

Bond Dead arm:

  • Winter application: After pruning, it should be done just before the eyes wake up.
    Summer application:
    1st application: When the shoots are 2-3 cm,

    2.when application shoots are 8-10 cm,

    3. Application shoots should be made in the circuit where it reaches 25-30 cm.

    Tomato Early Leaf Blight: Spraying should be started as soon as the first spots appear on both seedlings and field. When the climatic conditions are suitable for the development of the disease, the application is continued at 10-12 day intervals depending on the course of the disease and the climatic conditions.

    Tomato Mildew: It is started to be applied by seeing a white-like cover under 3-5 mm diameter brown spots on tomato leaves in the environment or when the conditions are suitable for the disease in places where the disease appears every year. The application is continued at 10-day intervals depending on the course of the disease and climatic conditions.

    Cucurbit Mildio (Cucumber): Application begins when plants begin to throw arms or with the first symptoms of mildew and is continued at 7-10 days intervals depending on the severity of the disease. Applications should be done to cover all parts of the plant, especially under leaves.

    MIXABLE CONDITION: FOLISTAR 50 WP should not be mixed with oils and dinitro compounds, especially plant protection products with chlorpyrifos active ingredient. For mixtures with other plant protection products, a premix trial is recommended. Mixtures should be applied without waiting.

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