Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Potato Body Cancer (Black Wart) (Rhizoctonia solani) 20 ml / 100 kg seed

CELTIC MAX 100 FS, Rhizoctania solani Kühn, which causes Body Cancer (Black Wart) disease in potato. It is a modern seed medicine in fluent concentrate (FS) formulation for seed spraying, which successfully controls its agent and contains the active ingredient fludioxonil.

Mode of action: Fludioxonil is a residual-effect, wide-impact contact fungicide. It is non-systemic and has a penetrative mode of action.


The CELTIC MAX 100 FS can be used with the tools called 'Flow Seed Treater' provided that it is well calibrated and sprayed with medication from the nozzles while the seeds are passing through the belt, or by diluting or reconstituting it with a spinning disc with spinning disc. Spraying can also be used with rotating drums system tools. In applications under farmer conditions, concrete preparation mixers and spraying cans can also be used.

When diluted, it is necessary to prepare the drug premix as follows:

* Fill the drug mixture container in the amount given in the example below.

* Shake the medicine well before use.

* While mixing continuously, add the required amount of CELTİC MAX 100 FS to the water.

* This drug premix should be mixed continuously until the end of use.

* This mixture should be used no later than 24 hours after preparation.

EXAMPLE: For the application of 100 kg potato seed, the recommended drug is mixed with 1000 ml of water as described above. This premix is ​​applied uniformly to the 100 kg seed with the specified tools. The seed should be mixed thoroughly during application, and the tubers should be well wetted during application.

Plant Endurance:

When used as recommended, the CELTIC MAX 100 FS is well tolerated by plants recommended. In case of hesitation, plant tolerance should be checked in advance.


It does not need to be mixed with other drugs.

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