Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Wheat Rust diseases (Puccinia striiformis) 100 ml/da 35 Day
Septoria leaf spot (Septoria tritici) 100 ml/da 35 Day

FLEXSTAR is an effective protective and curative fungicide against Rust and Septoria diseases that are a problem in wheat.


First dissolve the amount of drug to be used by mixing it with a small amount of water in a separate container. Fill the tank of your tool with water halfway and pour the prepared medicine with mixing and top it up with water.

Spraying should be done carefully to provide a good coating. Prepared medicated product should be used on the same day. The drug can be discarded with all kinds of tools. The amount of water to be used is 20-30 liters per decare. d.

Spraying should be done when the first signs of disease are seen in the environment. Depending on the weather conditions and the course of the disease, a second spraying can be done.

MIXABLE STATUS: FLEXSTAR; It can be used by mixing with insecticide and foliar fertilizers like Demond EC 2.5. Just in case, a preliminary mixture test is required.

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