Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Final Spraying and Harvest
*vineyard ashing Uncinula necator 400 ml/100 L water 7 day
Tomato (greenhouse) ashing Leveilula taurica 400 ml/100 L water 7 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

METHOD OF PREPARATION FOR APPLICATION: The required medicine is first mixed with a little water in a separate container. The sprayer tank is half filled with water and the medicated mixture is added by operating the mixer of the tool. The remaining amount of water is continued to mix and added to the spraying tool.

METHOD OF USE: Spraying should be done in a windless air, care should be taken to wet the plant thoroughly but not to flush the drug. In the vineyard, clusters should be sprayed thoroughly.

Ash in the Vineyard:

1. Spraying: When the shoots reach 25-30 cm length before flowering,

2. Spraying: In the period when the flower petals are completely shed and the small pellets of the groves reach their size,

3. and other sprayings: It should be done at intervals of 14 days, depending on the climatic conditions and the course of the disease.

Tomato (greenhouse) Ashing: Spraying is started when the first signs of disease are seen in the environment. If the climatic conditions are suitable for the disease, spraying is continued at 12-day intervals.


It can be mixed with many drugs, except oil and oil-containing drugs. However, it is useful to try these mixtures by making a premix.

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