Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
*vineyard Downy mildew Plasmopara viticola 200 ml/100 L water 14 day
**Tomato Downy mildew Phytophthora infestans 200 ml/100 L water 14 day
Early Leaf Blight Alternarıa solanı 175 ml/100 L water 14 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

** Because of the stagnation of tomato plants may cause stagnation, the recommendation of copper medicines should be avoided in dry climatic conditions, but at most 1-2 applications should be made with copper medicines in places where organic fungicides are not available.


First, fill the tank of the tool halfway with water and start the mixer. Then mix the amount of medicine calculated over the recommended dose with water as a premix in a separate container. Pour this premix into the tank while the mixer is working. Then fill the tank with water up to the level. The mixer should be active during application. Prepared medicated product should be used without delay.


In the vineyard Mildew: When the 1st spraying shoots are 25–30 cm, the 2nd and later sprayings are continued with an interval of 8-10 days, if there are suitable conditions for infection depending on the course of the disease and the meterological conditions. Spraying is terminated when the favorable conditions for infection disappear.

Mildew in Tomato: Spraying is started with the appearance of a conical cover like white ash on the underside of 3-5 mm diameter brown spots on tomato leaves in the environment, and it is continued with an interval of 10-12 days.

Early Leaf Blight in Tomato: Application should be started as soon as the first spots appear, as long as the climatic conditions continue for disease development, it should be continued with an interval of 10-12 days.

MIXABLE CONDITION: CUPRE 700 can be mixed with the majority of fungicides and insecticides. It is not recommended to mix products containing calcium, TMTD (Thiram) based fungicides and products containing DNOC. It should be used immediately after mixing with organic phosphors.

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