Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Apple Black stain Ventruia inaequalis 15 ml/100 lt.water 14 day
*Bond ashing Uncinula necator 7.5 ml/100 lt.water 14 day
Pepper (Greenhouse) ashing Leveillula taurica 30 ml/100 lt.water 3 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

- CYMTHANE 24 E is a systemically effective drug with protective and therapeutic properties.
- CYMTHANE 24 E does not reduce the effect of the rain, falling rain 2 hours after its application.

- For the highest effect with CYMTHANE 24 E, care should be taken for coating application.

Preparation of the drug for application: CYMTHANE 24 E is used by mixing with water. The spraying tank is half filled with water. First dissolve the required amount of the drug in a separate container with water. This mixture mixer is put into the half-filled tank of the running tool and is completed with water. Use the prepared medicated creature on the same day.


In the fight against Karaleke in Apple:

1. Spraying: During the ear of the mouse,

2. Spraying: During the pink bud period,

3. Spraying: It should be done when 70-80% of flower petals fall.

Frequency of Application: It should be done at 10-14 day intervals depending on the weather conditions and the course of the disease.

In the struggle for Ashing in Vineyard:

1st spraying: When the shoots are 25--30 cm before the flower,

2. Spraying: When the flower petals are poured and during the period when the groves get ridiculous,

3. and other sprayings: 10-14 days, depending on weather conditions and disease

should be done at intervals.

In the fight against powdery mildew in pepper:

Spraying is started when the first symptoms are seen, spraying is repeated at 10-14 day intervals depending on the course of the disease.

INFORMATION ABOUT RESISTANCE: CYMTHANE 24 E plant protection product is a fungicide classified as Group G1,3 according to its mechanism of action. Repetitive applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. For this reason, in order to delay resistance development, do not exceed total application number of CYMTHANE 24 E in the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, pay attention to the use of plant protection products with a different mechanism of action (other than Group G1,3).


It can be used by mixing with others except drugs with strong alkaline character.

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