Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Cucurbitaceae Liar Mildio Pseudoperonospora cubensis 200 gr / da 3 day
pear Black stain Venturia prina 200 gr/100 lt water 14 day
Tomato Downy mildew Phytophthora infentans 150 gr/100 lt water 3 day
Peanut Root Strait rot Aspergillus niger 500 gr/ 100 kg seed -
Chickpea Chickpeas Anthracnose Ascochyta rabiei 200gr/100 lt water 3 day
Sugar beet Leaf Spot Disease Cercospora beticola 200 g/da -

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE FOR APPLICATION: The sprayer tank is half filled with water. The recommended amount of SAFCONIL W 75 is first slurried in a container with a small amount of water. The prepared mixture is poured into the sprayer tank. The mixing apparatus of the sprayer is operated and the required amount of water remaining is added. The best method of struggle is obtained by applying the drug to the plant before the disease is transmitted. Do not use in windy weather.


In Cucurbitaceae against pseudo-mildew, spraying is started when the plants start throwing arms or with the appearance of the first signs of disease and repeated with an interval of 7-10 days.

In the pear, against the crayon, when the first spraying flower eyes swell, the 2nd spraying in the white rosette period, the 3rd spraying is done with 70-80% of the flower petals, the 4th and other sprayings are made with 10 days intervals according to the weather conditions and the disease development condition.

Disinfection is started against tomato, when the first spots with a diameter of 3-5 mm are seen in tomato plants.

Spraying against anthracnose in chickpea is started when the leaves are round or long, 2-3 mm in diameter, and spraying is continued with 7-10 days intervals according to the severity of the disease and meteorological conditions.

Against leaf spot disease in sugar beet, it is started when the first symptoms of the disease are seen. It is repeated at intervals of 20 days as needed.

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