Plant Disease Harmful Weed

Latin Name

dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
*vineyard Downy mildew Plasmopara viticola 200 g/100 l..water 21 day
Tomato Early Leaf Blight Alternaria solanı 250 g/100 l. water 14 day
Apple Black stain Venturia inaequalis 250 gr/100 lt. water 21 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.


Coating should be done so that the plant is thoroughly wetted.

Bağ Mildiyö: The first application should be started when the shoots reach 25 - 30 cm. Second and subsequent applications The duration of the first application and the development of the disease are applied with an interval of 10-15 days considering the meteorological factors.

Early Leaf Blight in Tomato: Application should be started as soon as the first spots appear in both seedlings and field. When the climatic conditions are suitable for disease development, the application should be repeated depending on the duration of the Plant Protection Product.

Apple's Layer:

1.Uygul processing; When the flower is blindfolded (3-5 days before where there is a branch heat)

2.Application; During the pink rosette bud period (when the flowers are seen separately)

3.Uygul processing; When the flower petals fall 70 - 80%

4. And other applications should be applied by taking into account the duration of the Plant Protection Products used when the climatic conditions are suitable for the progression of the disease.


SAKOZEB-BLUE can be used by mixing with other insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers except those of alkali.

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