Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Sugar beet Leaf Spot Disease Cercospora beticola 30 ml / da 21 day
Wheat Septoria Leaf Stain Septoria tritici

40 ml / da

21 day
Rust Puccinia spp
ashing Erysiphe graminis f.sp.tritici 50 ml/da
Pistachio Karazenk Septoria pistacina 50 ml/100 L.water 21 day
Citrus Brown Spot Disease Alternaria alternata f. sp. citri 50 ml/100 L.water 21 day
Watermelon Early Leaf Blight Alternaria cucumerina 50 ml/da 21 day
Pomegranate Brown Spot Disease Alternaria alternata 50 ml/100 L water 7 day
Peanut Cercospora Leaf Spot Cercospora arachidis 30 ml/100 L water -

The active ingredients of Propiconazole and Difenoconazole in Harbor 300 EC are taken from the green parts of the plant and interfere with fungal agents during the penetration and formation of the haustoria. Both of these active substances prevent sterol biosynthesis in the cell walls and prevent the development of fungal agents.


In Sugar Beet Leaf Stain Disease; The first spraying should be done as preventive before the symptoms of the disease appear, and should be continued at intervals of 15-20 days if necessary.

Septoria Leaf Stain, Rust and Ash on Wheat: Spraying should be started when the symptoms of the disease are seen, and should be continued at intervals of 21-28 days if necessary.

Karazenk in Pistachio: The first spraying is done during the period when the fruits following fertilization after the pouring of flowers are equal to the grain of wheat. As long as the appropriate infection conditions for the disease continue, second and other sprayings are made at 15-day intervals.

Brown Spot Disease in Citrus: Spraying is started when the shoots start to develop when the shoots develop and considering the first disease symptoms and when the first symptoms are seen. It is continued with 15-20 days intervals.

Early Leaf Blight in Watermelon: Spraying is started when the first signs of disease are seen, and it is continued at 15-20 day intervals.

Narda Brown Spot Disease: 1. spraying; When the flower buds begin to become apparent, second spraying; when the petals fall, 3rd spraying; should be done when the fruits reach half the size.

Cercospora Leaf Stain in Peanut: Spraying is started 4 weeks after peanut planting, a total of 4 applications are made with 14 days intervals.

Plant Endurance: Harbor 300 EC drug when used as recommended; It is not phytotoxic on citrus, pistachio, wheat, sugar beet, watermelon, pomegranate and peanut.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be used as a tank mixture with many commonly used drugs. In case of doubt, a premix test is recommended.

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