Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Wheat Drive Tilletia spp 150 g/100 kg. seed 0 day
Open Random Ustilago nuda f. sp tritici 150 g/100 kg. seed 0 day
Barley Closed smut Ustilago hordei 150 g/100 kg. seed 0 day
Open Random Ustilago nuda f. sp hordei 150 g/100 kg. seed 0 day
Leaf Line Disease Pyrenophora drechglera 150 g/100 kg. seed 0 day

PREPARATION OF THE PRODUCT FOR APPLICATION: To ensure a homogeneous spraying, the seeds should be mixed with the medicine. This process can be done in spraying cans or in selectors.

In places where there is no selector and spraying can, the seed is piled in a clean and clean place and the necessary amount of medicine is poured on it. Seeding 8-10 times, spraying is done by trying to obtain a homogeneous mixture without dusting from one side to the other.


Spreading and Open Compound in Wheat, Open Compound in Barley: Seed application. For this, spraying is done by shaking the glass jars in which dishwashing seeds and drugs are placed for 15 minutes in the shaker, and if there is no shaking device for 5 minutes by hand. A separate spraying container should be used for each drug or the containers should be thoroughly cleaned as they pass from one drug to another.

Closed Barley in Barley: It is seed spraying. For this, barley seeds to be used in the experiment at least one day before planting are weighed at least 100 grams and filled in individual jars. Jars with seeds and medication are placed in the special shaker for 15 minutes, if there is no shaker, the jar is shaken by hand for 5 minutes. When sowing the medicated seeds, hands should be thoroughly washed and dried before moving from one medicine to another.

Leaf Line Disease in Barley: Seed application. Spraying is done once as a seed spraying before planting.


It does not need to be mixed with another drug for the control of disease with seed.

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