Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latince İsmi Dozu İlaçlama ve Hasat Arası Süre
Wheat Drive Tilletia spp 50 ml/100 kg. seed 0 day
smut Ustilago nuda f. sp tritici 50 ml/100 kg. seed 0 day
Barley Closed smut Ustilago hordei 50 ml/100 kg. seed 0 day
Open Random Ustilago nuda f. sp hordei 50 ml/100 kg. seed 0 day
Leaf Line Disease Pyrenophora graminae 50 ml/100 kg. seed 0 day


50 ml, which is necessary to spray 100 kg of seeds. The medicine is well mixed with 1.5 liters of water in a container. While this mixture is poured slowly on the seed placed on a flat and clean ground, it is mixed with shovel on the one hand. Mixing is continued until all seeds are homogeneously sprayed.

If spraying with a spraying barrel (cascade), 50 ml recommended for 100 kg of seeds. After the drug is mixed well with 1.5 liters of water in a container, it is added to the spraying barrel several times, and the spraying barrel is turned every time and the seeds are well sprayed.

In the selectors with spraying device, there is a amount of water that will provide an ideal spraying of the seed by making a preliminary trial. (This amount ranges from 500–800 ml for 100 kg of seeds). The ideal amount of water is the amount that covers the seed well but does not flow. After this is achieved, the necessary amount of medicine and the required amount of water are mixed well. Spraying is done by putting it in the spraying tank.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with imidacloprid-containing drugs. It does not need to be mixed with another drug for the control of disease with seed.

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