Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latince İsmi dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Peach Leaf piercing (Wilsonomyces carpophylus) 300 g/100 l water 14 day
Monilya (Sclerotinia laxa) 300 g/100 l water 14 day
apricot Monilya (Sclerotinia laxa) 200 g/100 l water 14 day
apple Black stain (Venturia inaequalis) 150 g/100 l water 14 day
peat Black stain (Venturia pirina) 150 g/100 l water 14 day
plum Pocket disease (Taphrina pruni) 300 g/100 l water 14 day
Cherry Monilya (Sclerotinia laxa) 150 g/100 l water 14 day
Vegetables Collapsing on seedlings (Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Alternaria spp., Fusarium spp.) 200 g/100 kg seed -
Onion Drive (Urocystis cepulae) 5 kg/100 kg seed (stye) -
Chickpea anthracnose (Ascochyta rabiei) 300 g/100 kg seed -
Beans Root rot (Fusarium spp., Macrophomina phaseoli, Rhizoctonia spp., Stemphylium spp.) 300 g/100 l water 14 day
Melon watermelon anthracnose (Colletotrichum lagenarium) 300 g/100 kg seed -
Tobacco Damping (Fusarium spp., Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Alternaria spp., Sclerotinia spp.) 200 g/100 l water or2.5-3 g/m² -
Hazelnut Saplings and Omca Dormouse (Mucardinus sp.) 4 kg/100 l water 14 day
Seven sleeps (Glis glis-repellent) 4 kg/100 l water 14 day
Field bunny (Lepus sp.-repellent) 150g/1 l water -
Sugar beet Stem blight (Phoma betae) 400 g/100 kg seed -


The tank of the application tool is filled with water up to two thirds. At the recommended dosage, THİRAFLO WG is poured into the tank after being mixed with some water in a separate container. The mixer of the tool is operated and the tank is completed with water. Application should be done in windless weather.


In order to get good results from the application, the leaves, branches and eyes should be sprayed with a good coating before the symptoms are seen.


The plant protection product named THİRAFLO WG is a fungicide classified as Group M3 according to its mechanism of action. It is generally defined as a low risk group since there are no signs of resistance to fungicides. There is no cross resistance between group members M1 to M9.


It should not be compared with copper fungicides. If copper fungicide is applied to plants, THIRAFLO WG should be applied after two weeks.

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